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MOLO  Learning Center

A school founded by

Mothers Of Little Ones

M-F 6:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.


3522 Mirror Ct, Spring TX 77388


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Our Programs

Homelike environments provide softness and challenge, stability and flexibility, space for shared living and for private moments, for both children and adults.


6 weeks - 18 months

We offer a warm, sustaining, and responsive climate for babies which incorporates an assigned rest region and play space. Babies are at an extremely tangible age - retaining data, and learning in every aspect of improvement. Instructors co-learn with newborn children by giving toys and exercises to assist babies with creating abilities at their own speed.


18 months - 2 yrs

At this age, toddlers become more independent, and we encourage their development with a carefully designed program of activities largely through play. Molo Learning Center offers a balanced program that allows children to explore, be engaged, and develop fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills. Educators delight in the opportunity to be silly, sing, dance, read, play, and laugh with toddlers. Outdoor play and exploration are also important parts of a toddler’s day to exercise large muscles and burn off energy.


3 yrs  - 5 yrs

“CLI Engage is a comprehensive e-learning platform housing the Texas School Ready professional development, child progress monitoring tools, classroom observation tools, curriculum, and family engagement resources, available for free to thousands of Texas schools and early childhood programs.”

 – CLI 

Before/After School

​6 yrs - 12 yrs

Play is still critical to this age group for continued development of cognitive, social and other areas of development. At Molo Learning Center, we offer school-age children a balance of homework time, structured activities, free play and individual hands-on exploration.

After a long day at school, children look forward to unwinding and stretching their minds and muscles, hanging out with their friends, and playing the numerous board games available at the Centre.

Why Choose Us?

Nutritious Meals

  • The Healthy Plate Solution program focuses on sourcing quality ingredients for nutritious meals that are freshly prepared in our kitchen daily.

  • All meals and snacks are included in the tuition

 Safe Campus

  • Located in a friendly safe neighborhood.

  • Only allows students and staff on campus unless we have a scheduled tour.

  • Our staff and teachers are CPR trained and undergo first aid certification on an annual basis.

Clean Campus

  • Cleanliness is prioritized as a daily practice by staff members and students to maintain a beautiful facility that encourages a healthy learning atmosphere.

  • Monthly hospital-grade disinfection and sanitization for the entire  campus

Top Curriculums

  • Our Infant and toddler teachers are trained to use Frog Street Curriculum.

  • Our Pre-K teacher is trained under the CLI Engage program by the University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston. 


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